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InnovAntennas DESpole
New models from InnovAntennas For 2015:
DESpole High-Performance Multi-band Antennas
The Ultimate Limited Space Antennas!
InnovAntennas DESpole
Photo shows Triband DESpole™ installed at the InnovAntennas™ factory in
Canvey, England with 2m and 70cm LFA Yagis™

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Breakthrough electromagnetic and mechanical engineering powers high-performance dipole arrays covering multiple bands with full-size efficiency.

Low impact design yields superior performance over other small-footprint antennas such as verticals.

Ask us about stacking DESpoles™ for even better low angle DX performance, or for 6 band (or more), capability.

> Full-Size Performance
Hams who are living with space restrictions yet want multiple-band convenience and full-size performance in a small footprint antenna will find the DESpole™ a revelation!

> High Efficiency
Full-size elements with unique geometry & native 50-ohm impedance deliver low SWR without lossy, bandwidth-impairing traps and matching devices

> Single Feedline
Open-sleeve feed system for operation on two or three bands (depending on model) with one feedline

> Contest Capable
Ideal for DX and Domestic Contests and Field Day:  as a "multiplier" or quick-switch bidirectional "CQ" antenna;  as a listening antenna to spot openings away from your current "run" band;  multi-op and SO2R contesters can even operate three bands simultaneously at full legal power with one feedline, one DESpole™ and our 4O3A Signature Series Triplexer System (sold separately)

> Built To Last
Robust construction employing aerospace and marine grade materials for long life and reliability

> Ground Gain
Horizontal polarization means gain advantage over vertical antennas in most locations thanks to ground reflection gain (and also signal-to-noise advantage over verticals as well due to Figure 8 pattern)

> Need More Bands?
A great option for hams who already have an antenna system but are looking to add more bands to their arsenal with modest additional size and weight and without sacrificing performance

> Stackable
Stack two or more DESpoles™ for a big bidirectional signal

> Lightweight
Easily turned by lightweight rotators such as the Spid RAU (all Spid rotators now available from InnovAntennas™)

> Several Models to Choose From
And more coming soon!

Think a 43-foot vertical and antenna tuner is your best option for a limited space antenna system? Think again!

Hams with limited space for antennas but a desire to make the most of that space often select a 43-foot (or other height) vertical mated with an automatic antenna tuner with the mistaken notion that this will be a 'good DX antenna.'  Non-resonant antennas (note a 43 foot vertical is resonant at 5.4 MHz and non-resonant on other ham bands) will shed some energy as heat.  Electrically 'tall' vertical antennas will tend to direct much of the remaining energy in less than optimal directions - that's putting it nicely - on many of the bands they are said to cover.  The DESpole™, being a native 50 Ohm design, has little or no mismatch to correct and this efficiency means more power radiated as RF; the DESpole™'s horizontal polarization means radiation in more desirable angles for DX communications.
The first three plots* contrast a 20m / 15m / 10m DESpole™ mounted at 10 meters / 33 feet above ground vs. a 13 meter / 43 foot vertical installed at 1 meter / 3 feet above ground with 16 elevated radials.  The red plots are the DESpole™, the blue plots are the vertical.  At 20m, the DESpole™ is clearly superior, at 15m the vertical is looking increasingly mediocre, and at 10m...well, have you heard the expression 'cloud warmer?'

The fourth plot* contrasts the same DESpole™ at the same height vs. a quarter-wave vertical with the same mounting and radial system (red = DESpole™; blue = vertical).  The DESpole™ is still the superior DX antenna.
The installation footprints of a DESpole™ with 360 degree azimuth rotation and a vertical with a radial ground system are similar.  The DESpole™ requires a vertical support (can be as simple as a chimney mount or small roof tower) and rotator while the vertical will require a radial ground system plus an automatic tuner ideally mounted near the feed-point; the latter can be pricey if rated for QRO operation while a stock DESpole™ can easily handle full legal power.  Lastly, the vertical plus tuner in this illustration covers more bands than a single DESpole™ however that is easily countered by installing a pair of DESpoles™ with complementary band coverage on the same support offset 90 degrees to minimize interaction.

* modeled in EZNEC Pro/4 with the NEC4 calculation engine

DESpole™ Technology

The DESpole™ is a byproduct of the of our OP-DES Yagi™ development, employing the bent-element concept to accomplish a number of objectives. While a typical dipole exhibits a feed impedance of around 70-ohms, resulting in an SWR of about 1.4:1 at best, the bending of the DESpole™ element reduces both the impedance and the physical footprint of the antenna. Additional bands are added by way of carefully engineered open-sleeve excited DESpole™ elements. The the final result is an efficient, broadbanded and compact array that covers multiple bands with a native 50 Ohm impedance that requires no lossy matching systems or antenna tuners. As with all our antennas, the DESpole™ has been subjected to a lengthy electromagnetic design process, to ensure repeatable performance in the field, and then a mechanical optimization of the structure is carried out, to make sure that your high-performance antenna will stand up to the elements. InnovAntennas™ are built to last! The DESpole™ is rugged, expertly designed, and a cost-effective way to put out a big signal on several HF bands. Try it and hear the InnovAntennas™ difference!

Model / SKU MHz Bands Turning Radius Weight Height Wind Survival
Power Rating
 Price US$ 
 Price UK£ 
Dual Band DESpoles™            
50-28-DES-2 50 /28 5.2 m / 17 ft 4 kg / 8.8 lb 1.6m / 5.3 ft 190 kph / 118 mph
5 kW+
24-18-DES-2 24 / 18 3 m / 9.9 ft 6.5 kg / 14.3 lb 2.6 m / 8.6 ft 165 kph / 102 mph
5 kW+
18-10-DES-2 18 / 10 3.1 m / 10 ft 8 kg / 17.6 lb 2.7m / 8.9 ft 160 kph / 100 mph
5 kW+
Triple Band DESpoles™          
50-28-21-DES-3 50 / 28 / 21 2.7 m / 8 ft 4.48 kg / 9.7 lb 1.4 m / 4.6 ft 163 kph / 101 mph
5 kW+
28-21-14-DES-3 28 / 21 / 14 3.1 m / 10 ft 7.5 kg / 16.5 lb 2.6 m / 8.5 ft 165 kph / 102 mph
5 kW+
24-21-18-DES-3 24 / 21 / 18 3m / 9.9 ft 6kg / 13.2 lb 2.4m / 7.9 ft 190 kph / 118 mph
5 kW+
24-18-14-DES-3 24 / 18 / 14 3.1 m / 10.2 ft 7.5 kg / 16.5 lb 2. 6m / 8.5 ft 165 kph / 102 mph
5 kW+
24-18-10-DES-3 24 / 18 / 10 1.5m / 5 ft 5kg / 11 lb 1.8m / 5.9 ft 190 kph / 118 mph
5 kW+
21-18-14-DES-3 21 / 18 / 14 3.1 m / 10 ft 7kg / 14 lb 2.6m / 8 ft 190 kph / 118 mph
5 kW+
21-14-10-DES-3 21 / 14 / 10 2.6 m / 8 ft 15 kg / 33 lb 2.6 m / 8.5 ft 178 kph / 110 mph
5 kW+

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